Nike Air Zoom Fly SP FAST Nathan BellZoom

Nike Air Zoom Fly SP FAST Nathan Bell

Item# AT5242-100
Release date: February 14, 2019


If you are a sneakerhead or an art lover you have to love when art and sneakers combine because what you get is a sneaker that you can wear for function in the gym and fashion on the streets. Nike has always been great at creating these masterpieces with artist of their own or reaching out to artist to create a design on one of their already known silhouettes. If you know about the Zoom Fly SP well then you should know the sneaker is one of the lightest on the market and a top choice for runners due to its lightweight performance. The Zoom Fly SP features a very thin and light-weight transparent upper reinforced with Fly-wire for added strength and durability. The midsole is a thick Lunarlon foam sole with a Nike Zoom carbon fiber plate to deliver fast and responsive cushioning to the already light-weight foam sole. This version ditches a normal color-way and goes full with a full pink-foam color-way featuring motivational doodles all over the sneaker. The doodles were done by artist Nathan Bell, the Los Angeles based Visual Artist and Designer who has worked with Nike in the past, adding his artwork and doodles on apparel and sneakers.

-Zoom Fly SP features light-weight Zoom technology for added support

-Thick sole provides stability and support

-Features Fly-Wire technology for added durability in the light-weight upper

-Sneakers comes with Nike Racing track tote bag

-Doodles on sneaker designed by Nathan Bell

100% Authentic

For over 20 years, we have sourced genuine products from trusted suppliers. Our promise to you is that every item we sell is a 100% authentic Nike product.You can count on double boxed packaging, super fast insured shipping, and tracking within 24 business hours.
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