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Privacy Policy of Kickzrock Inc and its website of This is for customers and visitors of so they will be aware of what private information is gathered in visiting this web-site and the steps taken to ensure all visitors will receive the upmost privacy. Please review our terms before proceeding.

Please be aware that information will be gathered by your visit to this website, such as pages visited the most/least or what product gets the most clicks in terms of popularity, but no personal information will be collected by unless the visitor then becomes a customer and makes a purchase on the site, at that time personal information such as phone number, email address, billing/shipping information, and card data will be collected through the secure(ssl) checkout process. Kickzrock will not receive any card data other than the validity of the card used and whether it matches the customers billing/shipping address. Every visitor is free to roam this site without their personal identification being revealed.

What information does collect? collects your email address, phone number, and your billing/shipping address during the ordering process. The card information provided to us by the customer is completely blocked from our viewing. All card information is handled by our merchant processer as We DO NOT view card information, nor do we save it. We DO NOT view the security code located on the back of your card. We DO NOT under any circumstances do manual transactions and we will never contact you for your card information. The contact information provided during checkout is all we need. Once any order is completed and the customer has received their order the customers email address, phone number, and shipping address are discarded securely and the customer will not receive any further communication from us. The customers email address, phone number, billing address, shipping address or any other information related to the customer is not for sale at any time. Kickzrock is in the business of selling popular sneakers not in the business of selling customer private information.

Kickzrock uses BANK OF AMERICA Merchant services for card processing. All card information will be collected by BANK OF AMERICA through our secure checkout page and processed through them. Our website is completely secure using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protection to guard the customer as well as the web-site from being breached by outside parties looking to steal valuable information. BANK OF AMERICA processes a customer’s card immediately after checkout and will notify us securely in real-time whether funds are able to be removed from the card in the exact amount of the transaction. Kickzrock CAN NOT and WILL NOT save or view card numbers on any transaction at any time no matter how small or large the transaction may be. Kickzrock is only allowed by its merchant processing company to validate a card and the shipping/billing address using the AVS (address verification system) to ensure the card is not stolen or fraudulent. At no time will Kickzrock have your security code or be able to see it. If a card used during checkout is stolen, fraudulent, or expired the card is automatically declined using the AVS or CVV before we even get an opportunity to view the order. It is very important the billing and shipping address on any order are identical. Large transactions will never be broken into smaller transactions meaning we will never take an order with multiple items and break the transaction into multiple or more than one transaction, this usually requires more then one approval code from your bank and can sometimes seem fraudulent. At no time does Kickzrock ask BOA Merchant services for customers card information. If there is a problem with your card during checkout WE WILL NOT make calls to any bank at any time looking to retrieve bank information, the order will simply be cancelled, and the customer will be told to make another transaction.

How often will Kickzrock use my email, billing/shipping address and/or phone number?

We generally use the information once to fulfill an order and then the information is discarded using safe measures on a secure site. At the current moment only one person has access to customers discarded information. We will not flood your inbox with emails and will not be using nor selling any information we obtain through customer transactions.

Will my information be given to any affiliates or any other web pages?

Absolutely not! Kickzrock is NOT affiliated with any other site or company. We operate independently and do not share any customer information under any circumstances nor will we try to buy customer information. Your privacy is very important to us and we would rather remain a small web-site than to become large and start in the practice of trading customers private information. Not saying that larger web-sites trade information, but our morals of great customer service and customer privacy will always outweigh our desire to grow as a company. In the world we live in, “Only the Authentic Survive”.

Does Kickzrock collect any information even if I do not make a purchase?

Kickzrock does collect information like page visits but nothing personal about the person visiting the site. Kickzrock advertises through Google and Yahoo. Any visits to Kickzrock could result in you seeing advertisements for Kickzrock in the future while you are on another site but no reason to be alarmed. By simply turning off the “cookies” feature on your computer, smart phone, or tablet you can eliminate the advertisements seen from Kickzrock. Kickzrock is not perfect but one day we will be close to it, in the meanwhile to locate and fix our weak spots in terms of products on our site, Kickzrock monitors the traffic on its site to get a better grasp on customer interest and popular items. No personal information is gathered in this process and at no time can we tell who the person was visiting the site or their personal information.

The Privacy of Minors

Although Kickzrock believes that people of all ages should enjoy sneakers and engage in the hobby of collecting sneakers we do acknowledge that children under the age of 13 should receive parental/ guardian permission before engaging with this site. To help parents/guardians as well as online merchants, congress passed the CHILDREN’S ONLINE PRIVACY PROTECTION ACT known simply as COPPA. COPPA helps parents in controlling what information is gathered from their young child online. This site and the contents of this site are intended for the use of adults. Any items, graphics, or literature on this page was designed with adults in mind. Under no circumstances will we knowingly accept, receive, or pass any information to or from children under the age of 13. If as a parent/guardian, you believe your child is visiting this site without your consent and would like to make us aware please email us

If you do feel that an issue or question was not addressed above, please feel free email us at It may be something that we did not go over thoroughly enough or just something that you would like to share or suggest, in any case we gladly welcome your email and thank you for reading our privacy policy.

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